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Fishing Enterprises

Get Help with an Acquisition or Ship Mortgage in Carbonear or Bay Roberts

In recognizing the history and importance of Conception Bay’s fishing industry, Morrow, Morrow & Crosbie offers representation and advice in this specialized area of commercial law. Since 1989, we have represented fishing enterprises and worked alongside accountants and other professionals serving the industry.

Our practice includes maritime equipment transactions, such as mortgages, purchases, sales of vessels, and also business succession plans. We also assist with purchase agreements concerning maritime-related enterprises, as well as management agreements, charter agreements, and acquisitions.

Whether you are looking to acquire a fishing operation, draft a charter agreement, or sign a ship mortgage in Carbonear or Bay Roberts, we have the background and resources to ensure your interests are realized and protected. Call Morrow, Morrow & Crosbie to discuss your fishing-related transaction or legal need.

Legal Advice for Newfoundland’s Fishing Industry

Before purchasing a fishing vessel or acquiring an enterprise, ensure the agreement is legally sound and in your best interest.

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